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Learning remedies at NYSH

At the New York School of Homeopathy, I have found a unique way to teach homeopathic remedies; my method of big ideas and groupings helps students memorize remedies and better understand patients. In order to make it easier for students …

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Methods of Case-Taking at NYSH
At the New York School of Homeopathy we run a school clinic. It is a great opportunity to offer very inexpensive or free (if need be) homeopathic care. It is also the very best way to learn homeopathy; it’s real… Read More

Why do we conduct homeopathic provings?

Homeopathic provings are not fun or easy, but they are endlessly fascinating experiences. Provings are such a great deal of work for the master provers that I wonder how I have recently talked myself into conducting yet another. When two …

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Beginning private practice

A homeopathic practice in New York City can be a successful small business. There may be challenges to getting started, but these challenges can be overcome through the right intention, a good education, and staying connected to other homeopaths. My …

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Paresh Vasani seminar 2015

I love our NYSH seminars- seminars are a wonderful and necessary supplement to homeopathic education. I strongly rely on my famous friends from around the world to enhance the education of my students to help them become confident professional homeopaths. …

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Vaccinations: freedom of choice

To vaccinate or not—that is the question. Well, actually, it used to be the question. Soon it will no longer be an option if the pharmaceutical industry has its way. I heard on NY 1 that there is pressure being …

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My dad & homeopathy

My father died peacefully last week at the age of 96. I often use my family members, as well as my patients, to illustrate remedies and my father was no exception. But for this post I will only discuss a …

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