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Each class meets Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 6pm

Note: Schedule is subject to change



October 13-14
Nov. 3-4
Dec. 8-9
Jan. 5-6
Jan. 26-27 (midterm)
Feb. 23-24
March 23-24 acutes part 1
April 27-28
May 11-12
June 15-16 (final)


Sept. 29-20
Oct. 20-21
Nov. 10-11
Dec. 1-2 (acutes part 2)
Jan. 12-13
Feb. 9-10 (midterm)
March 9-10
April 13-14
May 4-5
June 1-2 (final exam)


Sept. 22-23
Oct. 20-21
Nov. 10-11
Dec. 15-16
Jan. 12-13
Feb. 2-3 (midterm)
March 2-3
April 13-14
May 4-5
June 8-9 (final exam)



Paresh Vasani Seminar 2018
May 5-6, 2018
Register here for Paresh Vasani Seminar 2018

Dr. Paresh Vasani returns for his 11th successful seminar at NYSH! He will demonstrate his case-taking techniques which include the ever-evolving Sensation/Synergy System, through videos and a live case. Paresh always engages participants in discussions of various methods of case-taking while exploring kingdoms, family groupings, and the natural history of the remedy source substances.

Paresh Vasani is a member of the Bombay School, which is renowned for its groundbreaking work in homeopathy. Paresh has been instrumental in developing and updating the Vital Quest Software. His years of successful practice and straightforward teaching style have earned him the regard of students internationally. Dr. Vasani demonstrates the Synergy System of case taking in his annual clinical workshop at NYSH.


Free Info Session
September 26, 2018, 6:30 pm-8:30 pm: Register here for our Free Info Session

Free Info Sessions introduce prospective students to our school and Classical Homeopathy, and offer you an opportunity to ask questions and meet faculty. Info Session attendance is required prior to enrollment in NYSH’s 4-year program.


Divya Chhabra Seminar 2018
October 6, 7, 8, 2018: Register here for Divya Chhabra Seminar 2018

Dr. Divya Chhabra returns to NYSH for the 5th time to demonstate how to “Leap to the Simillimum”. Her unique case-taking method helps patients move through experiential areas such as food, fears and dreams to leap over the wall of conscious, rational thought into the absurd space- where nothing exists but the source experience and its confluence with the simillimum.

Divya Chhabra graduated from Smt. Chandaben Mohanbhai Patel Homoeopathic Medical College in Mumbai in 1989 and started her private practice in Mumbai in 1992. Dr. Chhabra teaches throughout Europe, North America and Asia. Her innovative case-taking method, which she calls “Leap to the Simillimum”, is rapidly gaining recognition worldwide. She teaches an annual seminar for NYSH students and participants from around the world.