Through exposure to live clinic cases at the New York School of Homeopathy, you will gain the confidence needed to take cases on your own. Clinic work shows you how to apply your studies to the real business of working with patients, which will help you open your own private homeopathic practice.

Student Clinic

At NYSH, the 2nd and 3rd years of school are mainly clinical experience. However, students begin their clinic observation in their 1st Year, when they sit in on one or two clinic class weekends that year.

When you officially join the NYSH clinic in your 2nd year, a new client is seen once a month on Saturday afternoon. Case taking involves a student homeopath and Susan Sonz the director, while the rest of the class observes and takes notes, without direct participation. Follow-ups with previous clients are usually scheduled on Saturday mornings.

On Saturday evening, each student is expected to analyze the case, choose a remedy, and write up the case. Sunday afternoon is spent discussing the case. Under the supervision of Susan Sonz, a consensus is reached and a remedy choice is made. The student homeopath who took the case also manages the case – again under supervision and with the help and support of the clinic class. Regular updates on each client are submitted via email, and discussion is encouraged as issues of remedy, potency and management arise.

Because many of our clinic clients have been coming to us for years, the NYSH clinic offers a unique opportunity for students to follow new and older clients for an extended period of time, and get hands-on experience with the real issues of case management.

Post Graduate Clinic

After graduation from NYSH, we offer continuing education through the Graduate Apprentice Program (GAP Clinic). The GAP Clinic is an internship program that bridges the gap between graduation and private practice. Participation is by invitation only; the students who display special interest and ability in their four years of study are invited as interns to observe Susan Sonz take her own private cases, after which everyone is invited to discuss the remedy selection. Case management issues are discussed as the case develops and followups are observed. This is a special opportunity to continue to work with dedicated homeopaths, while you build your own private practice.