New York School of Homeopathy

Educating Classical Homeopaths Since 1990

New York School of Homeopathy

Educating Classical Homeopaths Since 1990

New York School of Homeopathy

Educating Classical Homeopaths Since 1990

We are now a three-year program!

The New York School of Homeopathy is switching from a four-year to a three-year program, offering you a way to achieve your professional goals in less time.

All classes are held LIVE online via Zoom Conferencing and are highly interactive.

We welcome prospective students who are interested in joining the Fall 2024 Foundation Class to join us for our Virtual Info Session on September 26, 6:30-8:30 pm EDT.

NYSH is the oldest continuously operating homeopathy college in the United States. Since 1990, our homeopathy training program has provided a classical homeopathic education that prepares students for professional work and International Certification.

What We Offer at NYSH

Classical Homeopathy

Our classes provide comprehensive professional training in Classical Homeopathy, beginning with the work of its founder, Samuel Hahnemann. Your first year at NYSH will include a solid foundation in homeopathy followed by two years of advanced clinical work. Year One, which you can take as a one-year program, provides a firm understanding of Classical Homeopathy and the skills to apply acute remedies.

Clinical Experience

The NYSH Student Clinic is a distinctive and integral part of your professional training. You will see new cases during each weekend-long class and follow-ups from the past ten years. Clinic class is an unrivaled experience crucial to your homeopathic education, which effectively prepares you to begin private practice. To enhance your online learning experience, every year in May we host the NYSH Clinical Workshop in beautiful Negril, Jamaica.

Mentorship Program

Susan Sonz, the director and principal instructor, will guide you through three years of study at NYSH. Susan tracks your progress so that you will develop the full range of skills required to be a successful homeopath. Unlike many other homeopathy schools that host a different teacher each weekend, our mentorship system ensures that you will receive the individual attention that you need to thrive.

Study Groups & Postgrad

NYSH is committed to supporting you as you build your professional career. We encourage students to work together in study groups, especially when studying for International Certification. After graduation, we offer continuing education through the Graduate Apprentice Program (GAP Clinic), where graduates can observe Susan in her private practice and participate in case analysis. The GAP Clinic offers an important transition from your student experience to setting up your own professional practice.

Coming Up

NYSH Clinic Workshop in Negril, Jamaica

May 4-8, 2025

Virtual Q&A for Prospective Students

September 26, 2024, 6:30-8:30 pm EDT

Change a life- become a homeopath!
Join our dynamic community.

  • All classes are held ONLINE in real-time

  • Classical education united with progressive 21st Century methods

  • Option to choose the 3-Year Diploma program or the 1-Year Certificate in Classical Homeopathy with acute prescribing

  • Hands-on experience in case-taking, analysis, and case management

  • Intensive clinical workshop in beautiful Negril, Jamaica every May!

  • Mentoring system and study groups

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