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Why do we conduct homeopathic provings?

Homeopathic provings are not fun or easy, but they are endlessly fascinating experiences. Provings are such a great deal of work for the master provers that I wonder how I have recently talked myself into conducting yet another. When two graduate students approached me this spring because they would like to co-conduct a new proving with me, my first thought was, “ugh, all that work- why should I bother”? And then I remembered all that I learned from our previous three provings. SEE PROVINGS

The work though, is extensive. Even before the months, and maybe years of work that are required to gather, extract, and compile the information, there is the very difficult task of convincing 10 to 20 people to take an unknown substance in the name of homeopathic research. On top of that, we need to find an equal number of homeopaths who have the time and inclination to supervise the provers individually.

It’s a wonder that any of us conduct provings at all. But a proving is in fact an amazing thing–it is a wonderful confirmation of the basic principles of homeopathy. At an extraction meeting, it’s thrilling and amazing to see such similar symptoms described by different provers. Provers have similar dreams, cravings, and feelings that they have never experienced before, and these experiences all have something to do with the source they are proving. It is, as we used to say, mind-blowing. And to realize that this new remedy is going to help cure patients, is a bonus. This is why many of us in our profession continue to take on the work of conducting provings, and why many brave volunteers as provers agree to take these unknown substances, and why so many busy homeopaths take the time to supervise them. In doing so, everyone involved contributes to the well-being of mankind, and increases the world of possibilities homeopathically. Hahnemann would be pleased.

A proving is a remarkable journey for all involved. It should be embarked on with care and caution, but without fear. Hahnemann told us that regardless of the symptoms which are produced during a proving, everyone who has been involved ends up in a higher state of health and awareness after the experience. The kind of introspection that provers are required to engage in is mind-expanding. Prospective provers will very likely end up feeling a bit like Alice in Wonderland, even if they experience some temporary uncomfortable symptoms. The proving experience will amaze and enlighten them, and in fact, all of our provers have said they would do it again.

And so, I have agreed to work with these students on conducting a new proving. Yes, it will be a lot of work, but, I am sure it will be worth it. I’ll continue to post on the new proving, step by step, so you can follow the experience along with us. You won’t know the remedy until the end, but you will be a part of the journey. Even better- if you’d like to be a direct participant in this proving, contact us through this website.

Welcome aboard!