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The New York School of Homeopathy welcomes eager students who will benefit from our unique classical and progressive mentorship program. We do our best to facilitate your enrollment.

Application Process

Enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year is currently closed. Email if you’re interested in joining the class next year. 

Please refer to our FAQ for details about the application process

Payment Process

Please refer to our FAQ regarding paying tuition.

Refund policy If you begin a payment plan, and choose not to continue, you must notify the Administrator in writing and pay for all classes that have occurred up to that point. If you have prepaid in full, and you choose to withdraw, then you must notify us in writing before December 31, and a refund based on the per session rate of $420 per weekend, minus your payment, will be granted for the remaining classes. A $200 deposit/administrative fee will be withheld from all refunds. Sorry, no refunds after December 31.

Enrollment Requirements

Because NYSH has a rigorous curriculum, we recommend that all prospective students already hold an undergraduate degree, however we are willing to discuss circumstances that may have prevented you from acquiring one.

We also require that you be a U.S. Citizen or have Landed Immigrant/Registered Alien Status, as we are not able to sponsor individuals for student visas. You must have an excellent command of the English language (written and oral).

Advanced Placement & Transfers

We do not usually admit students into the clinic class (Years 3 and 4) unless they have already studied with us for at least one year, although exceptions are sometimes made. We may consider admitting a student into the Year 2. However, it’s been our experience that most students benefit from starting in the Year 1, regardless of their educational background.

If you are applying as a transfer student, we will require documentation and references.