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The New York School of Homeopathy offers mentorship-based instruction led by Susan Sonz and brings the most distinguished homeopaths from around the world to New York City, introducing students to a wide range of advanced contemporary thinking. 

Susan Sonz, C.C.H., I.H.C.
Director and principal instructor

Susan has been the main teacher and director of the New York School of Homeopathy since 1998. She studied with many of the acknowledged masters in the field, was awarded a Homeopathic Master Clinician diploma is nationally certified C.C.H., and internationally certified I.H.C. Susan regularly publishes articles for national journals, including special presentations for HPATHY.com in June 2012 and March 2016. She has served on the national board of the Council for Homeopathic Education (CHE) and as the president of the New York State Homeopathic Association (NYSHA). Currently she is serving on the board of the Association for International Homeopathic Certification (AIHC) and is a member of that group’s steering committee. Susan is a well-known member of the international community of classical homeopaths and has conducted several highly respected homeopathic provings. SEE PROVINGS

In her teaching, Susan includes her own clinical case studies, which serve to illuminate remedy pictures while reinforcing homeopathic philosophy. She holds very high standards on homeopathic education while infusing her teachings with humor and sensitivity. SEE TESTIMONIALS

Susan lives and practices in New York City and Negril, Jamaica. 

Alexis Sontag, NYSH Administrator

Alexis Sontag graduated in 2011 from Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana with a degree in English Literature. With over a decade of administrative experience under her belt, mostly in academic and non-profit settings, she has been working with students and clients at the New York School of Homeopathy for eight years. If you have any questions about the application process and/or attending NYSH, please reach out to Alexis via our contact form.

Birgit Kleinfeld, C.C.H., I.H.C., Instructor 

Birgit Kleinfeld_NYSHFaculty2Birgit is a graduate of the New York School of Homeopathy and runs a homeopathic practice in New York. She teaches Homeopathy for Trauma and Acute Conditions at NYSH. Birgit studied Mathematics and Biology at the University of Goettingen, Germany and later taught these subjects to high school students in Germany and the U.S. Born in Bremen, Germany, she lives now in Rye, Westchester and calls New York home.

Anjana Suresh, Associate Instructor 

Anjana graduated from the New York School of Homeopathy in 2021. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering from the Government College of Technology, Coimbatore, India. She worked as a Software Engineer for over 15 years in various multinational corporations including General Electric and Bank of America. Anjana assists the school in Online Learning Management and Assessment, combining her two interests: Homeopathy and Technology. She lives in Robbinsville, New Jersey.

Elena Mashalova, I.H.C., A&P Instructor 

Elena Mashalova_NYSHFaculty2Elena earned a Ph.D in microbiology and immunology from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. She teaches Anatomy and Physiology, Human Biology, Microbiology, Medical Terminology, and Immunology at Mercy College in NY. She has vast research and professional experience in these fields. She also studied homeopathy at the New York School of Homeopathy, which makes her the perfect choice as a teacher of A&P, P&D for homeopaths.

Dr. Divya Chhabra, Guest Instructor

Dr. Divya Chhabra_NYSHFaculty2Divya graduated from Smt. Chandaben Mohanbhai Patel Homoeopathic Medical College in Mumbai in 1989 and began her practice in Mumbai in 1992. Dr. Chhabra teaches throughout Europe, North America and Asia. Her innovative case-taking method, which she calls “Leap to the Simillimum,” is rapidly gaining recognition worldwide. 

Dr. Paresh Vasani, Guest Instructor

Paresh is a member of the Bombay School, which is renowned for its PareshVasani_NYSHfaculty5groundbreaking work in homeopathy. Paresh has been instrumental in developing and updating the Vital Quest Software. His years of successful practice and straightforward teaching style have earned him the regard of students internationally. Dr. Vasani demonstrates the Synergy System of case taking in his annual clinical workshop at NYSH. Currently Paresh is the president of the Association for International Homeopathic Certification (AIHC)

Dr. Resie Moonen, Guest Instructor

Resie Moonen_NYSHFaculty2
Resie Moonen began her homeopathic career in 1985 as a family practitioner in a homeopathic clinic. A teacher of homeopathy since 1995, she currently teaches at the Homeopathic School for Doctors in Holland and at seminars around Europe, teaching in Dutch, German, English and French, including regular seminars at the New York School of Homeopathy. Resie has worked for many years as a volunteer in the BHC (Bhaktapur Homeopathic Clinic), Nepal.

Robert Stewart, R.S.Hom (NA), C.C.H., NYSH Emeritus 

Robert has been involved in RobertStewart_NYSHfaculty2homeopathy and holistic medicine since 1980. He helped develop the Atlantic Academy and in 1990 founded the New York School of Homeopathy. He is the former president of the New York State Homeopathic Association (NYSHA) and served as vice-president of the North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH). Robert has a private practice and is a trained Waldorf teacher.