Read what current and former students, MDs and others have said about the New York School of Homeopathy.


Alexander Gural, MD
Hadassah and Hebrew University Medical Center
Jerusalem, Israel

As a child, I was exposed to Homeopathy and knew it works, but being a fully trained MD working in a large university hospital, I could not help having some doubts. And so, when I came to the United States for a two-year research fellowship in basic biology, I decided to study it for a while and see for myself.

It is not easy to exchange the “scientific” evidence-based approach of official medicine for the deeply spiritual, individual-oriented world of classical homeopathy. I doubt I would have been able to persist for more than a couple of meetings if Susan had not been teaching me. More than that, I was profoundly influenced, even changed, on many different and subtle levels.

Two features above all others make Susan Sonz a wonderful teacher – her knowledge of homeopathy and her deep understanding of human nature. Never dogmatic in presenting ideas, never elusive in dealing with difficult issues, never lacking the knowledge of medical terms and conditions, she was able to infect us all with the joy of homeopathy, to take us deeper and deeper into its world of facts and ideas. And she herself was ever ready to learn and to change, gradually incorporating into her practice and teaching the ideas of Scholten and Sankaran, while maintaining a highly individual and personal approach.

Over the two years I was attending the school, we had the opportunity to deal with a striking variety of issues inherent to homeopathy – from Hahnemann’s Organon and Kent’s Philosophy of Homeopathy, to Yasgur’s dictionary, to the works of modern homeopaths, to the clinical sessions and discussions of the patients seen during class. For me, studying homeopathy with Susan was a wonderful journey – both into homeopathy and into myself.


Helen Darroch
Graduate 2009

Studying at the New York School of Homeopathy has been an incredibly rewarding and life changing experience. Not only has it has been an amazing journey of personal development, but also one of immense learning.

Susan Sonz is a very generous and inspiring teacher. She draws her wealth of knowledge from many sources; from her own successful private practice, lectures from other well respected homeopaths, the natural world, and life in general. She makes this knowledge readily available and then encourages her students to think for themselves. All of this she delivers with integrity and a welcome sense of humor, making the classes inspiring, vibrant and full of energy.

The content of the course is very thorough and well structured – an incredible way to learn both the science and art of homeopathy. There is a lot of self study, which requires both diligence and discipline, but the reward is the solid foundation needed to become a professional homeopath.

Overall this has been one of the best things I have ever done, and to the NYS of homeopathy I am sincerely grateful.


Yelena Olkhovskaya, MD, PhD
Perm State Medical Academy Medical Center,
Perm, Russia

As a trained medical doctor I was dealing with the symptoms of people’s diseases, not with the person as a whole. There were a lot of limitations and frustration in cases where, no matter what you did, a patient wouldn’t get better.

Luckily, life brings us exactly what we are looking for. I joined the New York School of Homeopathy. I found myself in completely unknown territory and it took me some time to start to think differently. This would never have happened without Susan’s strong dedication and gentle support.

Several things make my study with NYSH really enjoyable: there is a good blend of classical homeopathy and newly developed methods, enabling homeopaths to be comfortable with any case in the future.

I greatly enjoy Susan’s style of teaching. She doesn’t make someone just memorize dry facts from a Materia Medica, but uses her talents as a storyteller. This helps when it comes to remembering those all important keynote symptoms.

Also I love the clinic work that starts in the second year. It’s the best tool for students to have real, hands-on experience. To build your own confidence, it’s really important to observe and take your first few cases in a safe environment under the teacher’s friendly supervision.

The atmosphere in the school is very supportive and I’m sure the friendships that I’ve developed here will continue to flourish long after a graduation.

I’m totally fascinated with the results of homeopathic treatment. I’m even more fascinated with my own personal transformation. Thank you, NYSH, for helping me to become not just a better specialist but, what is more important, a better human being.


Maya Lomask
4th year student

This program combines the science of homeopathy with the art of taking a patient’s case. There is a structured and disciplined study of vast amounts of information. The art of case-taking is developed through cultivation of the intutitive process as we learn to listen for each patient’s true story. I find that I am being stretched on many levels: academically, compassionately, and in my capacity to perceive objectively.

I have been in the natural medicine field for 15 years and had reached a plateau in my learning. Homeopathy has been a revolution in my view of healing, humanity and our relationship with natural world. Susan Sonz teaches in a brilliantly playful way that brings homeopathy to life. I am fascinated.


Hans Knutzen
Graduate, 2008

Dear Susan,

This has really been a life-changing experience. And a good one! As you know I was familiar with Homeopathy. However the whole system, with its philosophy and holistic approach, proved much broader and more far-reaching than I had expected. I believe your teaching was wonderfully effective in introducing me to these things. You treated us all with understanding and shared your love of the subject in so many ways. I enjoyed your examples from “real life” – your patients, or your own family. These really helped to hammer in the idea that there is a remedy for each person and that we need to look with our eyes open and our brains in gear if we are to help. There also was an intimacy about the school setting that felt very safe and comfortable for learning.

I really appreciate your openness as a teacher. You have always kept the focus on healing. Everything else – philosophy, materia medica, system – is just a way to get there. You have been true to Hahnemann’s ideals and principles, but open to new ways of realizing those ideals. Part of the strength of the school has been the wide range of styles of homeopathy you made us aware of.

You always used good common sense as an essential ingredient in teaching and practice. And though humor was often an ingredient in your teaching, you always impressed on us a strong sense of responsibility and a respect for the awesome power of the tiny well-chosen dose.

As I practice, and I will practice, I shall think often of “my teacher” and treasure your wisdom and encouragement.

So, dear teacher, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.


Angela Molinini
4th year student

Often, at the NYSH clinic, I find myself thinking “This is amazing!” or “I love this!” Nothing gives me more satisfaction than to see a patient being cured.

Being in the holistic health field already, I didn’t need to add homeopathy to my repertoire. However, having been treated with homeopathic remedies in the past, I was definitely interested in learning more, and from the very first day, I was fascinated by what was being taught. I even find myself using some of the techniques in case-taking in my holistic health practice. When I listen to a patient discuss their symptoms, I now find I can be present while accessing the case and taking note of mannerisms, the inflections in their voice and what the central issue is.

Whether the patient’s ailment is physical, mental or emotional, my goal is to bring them back into balance. No school could have better prepared me to achieve that goal.