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Paresh Vasani seminar 2019

I love our NYSH seminars- seminars are a wonderful and necessary supplement to homeopathic education. I strongly rely on my famous friends from around the world to enhance the education of my students to help them become confident professional homeopaths.

One of my dearest friends from India is Dr. Paresh Vasani. Paresh and I first met in 2004 and we had an instant connection. And yet, as Paresh explained to the students at this most recent seminar in May, he and are are completely different types of people by nature. Despite that, Paresh and I love working together with clients and we love teaching together. No matter how much time we are together when he visits, we never get a chance to finish our conversations because we have so much to talk about. 

We refer to Paresh’s seminar as a “Clinic Workshop” because we always have at least one live case. This year we had a new patient come in on Saturday afternoon. I always ask Paresh to show as many mineral remedy cases as he can while he is here because although we study the mineral remedies in late winter early spring each year, it is nice to learn about them from another point of view. This year it was so fortunate that the live case happened to also be a mineral remedy case, so it all fit together nicely. Serendipity!

Paresh also showed some Solanacea family cases and that was really fascinating because the cases were mostly in Hindi and yet because the clients were so expressive (as are most solanacea cases), you almost felt as if you you could understand the completely foreign language. 

Paresh likes to talk about and demonstrate how he takes a case. He has been working with Rajan Sankaran for 20 years now, and is the developer of the Vital Quest software. He has been working with Dr. Sankaran throughout Rajan’s development of “Sensation” homeopathy, and now “Synergy” homeopathy, his own case taking methodologies. Paresh, of course, has developed his own methods of case taking, and when we work together, we affectionately call our collective method “Vasanisonz” homeopathy. We work together very well and learn so much from one another that way.

We are both closely associated with Divya Chhabra as well. She has developed a brilliant method of case taking that I refer to as “Experiential” homeopathy, (she usually refers to it as “Leaping to the Source”.) I will discuss Divya’s method in a future post; she usually comes to NYC to do a seminar every September, but unfortunately, in 2015 she is too busy to come. She will return in September 2016.

Paresh will also return in 2016—the date is set for April 30- May 1, but it is always possible that the date may shift (our online schedule will be updated if there is a change). If you have never experienced one of Paresh’s workshops, you should. And if you have seen him before, you should see him again. Paresh is a very sincere, humble, and sweet man who also happens to be incredibly smart and very talented in homeopathy. It’s a lovely combination and I always learn so much from being with him.