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How much is tuition at the New York School of Homeopathy?

  • The NYSH annual tuition is $4,200 if paid in full, or $4,600 if paid in installments of four payments at $1,150 each.
  • Payment in full or the first installment of $1,150 (minus your $200 deposit/administration fee) is due upon registration for new students, or by September 1 for returning students.
  • For those choosing the payment plan in the 1st year, each additional installment of $1,150 is due on January 15, March 1, and April 15. For clinic students on the payment plan, each additional installment is due November 1, January 15, and March 1. A $50 late fee is added for late payments.

We increase tuition as seldom as possible. NYSH makes every effort to keep our tuition prices low so that our students can afford to study and attend seminars. We believe in making quality homeopathic education available to anyone who has a genuine interest and passion.

What Is Your Refund policy? 

  • If you begin a payment plan and choose not to continue, you must notify the NYSH administrator in writing and pay for all classes that have occurred up to that point.
  • If you have prepaid in full and choose to withdraw, you must notify us in writing before December 31, and a refund based on the per-weekend rate of $420 per weekend will be granted for the remaining classes.
  • The $200 deposit/administrative fee will be withheld from all refunds.
  • Sorry, no refunds after December 31.

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