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What qualification will I earn on graduation and does NYSH offer job placement?

Students who complete all the course requirements receive a diploma from the New York School of Homeopathy. All students who attend classes will receive confirmation of their hours of attendance. Additional work results in additional credit hours.

Degree in homeopathy

There is no such thing as a degree in homeopathy in New York State and most of the United States. Any school that promises a degree in homeopathy may be misleading you, and that degree probably has no legal standing. However, a diploma from a reputable homeopathy school such as NYSH does mean a great deal within the international homeopathic community.

Job placement  

We do not offer placement assistance per se, as there are many ways to establish a private or group practice. Many of our students add homeopathic treatment to their already established complimentary/alternative or medical practices. We do, however, offer ongoing mentorship through our Graduate Apprentice Program (GAP Clinic), and study groups to those who qualify.

What are the requirements for graduating with a NYSH diploma?

In order to receive a diploma from NYSH, students must:

  • Attend the class weekends for 3 years
  • Complete all homework in a satisfactory manner
  • Pass all annual mid-term and final exams
  • Demonstrate competence in case taking, analysis and management
  • Pass a comprehensive exam after the completion of the 3rd year
  • Complete an independent graduate project
  • Submit five private cases taken under supervision outside of class

 Post Graduate Study and GAP Clinic

After graduation from NYSH, we offer continuing education through the Graduate Apprentice Program (GAP Clinic). The GAP Clinic is an internship program that bridges the gap between graduation and private practice. Participation is by invitation only; the students who display special interest and ability in their four years of study are invited as interns to observe Susan Sonz take her own private cases, after which everyone is invited to discuss the remedy selection. Case management issues are discussed as the case develops and followups are observed. This is a special opportunity to continue to work with dedicated homeopaths, while you build your own private practice.

The New York School of Homeopathy is committed to supporting graduated students as they build their professional careers. SEE THE TOPICS POST “Beginning Private Practice”

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