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Politics and Homeopathy; NY State introduces a bill to end religious exemptions for vaccinations

One might assume that politics has no place in homeopathy. But in fact, from Hahnemann’s time on, we have had to stay involved in politics in order to protect our right to practice homeopathy, and our patients’ rights to obtain homeopathic treatment and buy remedies. And now, with the recent wave of political pressure that aims at eliminating a parent’s choice regarding vaccinations, we need to get involved again.

However one feels about vaccinations, I like to think that the real political issue is choice. I support freedom of choice on many issues: health, love, marriage, birth control, abortion, education, and so on. I should make it clear that even though I largely believe in freedom of choice, I do not feel people should be free to harass, annoy, insult or hurt other people or their property, nor do I feel they should be allowed to restrict someone else’s freedom. But when it comes to determining how one deals with their own health choices, or those of their children, I do believe that within reason, they should be allowed to choose from various options.

In New York State we have always been able to refuse vaccinations based on religious exemption. Because of the First Amendment, New Yorkers have not needed to state their religious beliefs in order to claim a religious exemption. However, I personally believe that we should not even have to claim a religious exemption in order to make a choice about vaccinations. It should have been our right all along, based on the First Amendment.

But now, NY state senator Brad Hoylman has introduced a bill to end religious exemptions in New York state. This is a serious step backwards on the issue of choice. I wonder why, at the same time that our country finally seems to be relaxing on some issues like gay marriage, it is getting more rigid on the issue of vaccinations. One step forward, two steps backward…

If this issue concerns you, please give Senator Hoylman’s office a call and request that he withdraw bill S6017. Please refer only to the violation of religious freedom and freedom of choice. Please refrain from mentioning your concerns with side effects or injuries from vaccinations. Our best approach is to tell him that you consider this a violation of the First Amendment. The more calls his office receives, the more likely he is to withdraw his bill. Encourage your friends to call as well.

His phone numbers are  212-633-8052 and 518-455-2451.
To view the bill please go to https://open.nysenate.gov/legislation/bill/S6017-2015.

Remember, besides the issue of freedom of choice concerning vaccinations, there is a continually occurring threat to legislate against our freedom to choose alternative therapies, medicines, and even over the counter vitamins and supplements. We have to fight each one of these attempts to limit our freedom to choose. Please call Senator Hoylman and please get involved with the National Health Freedom Coalition and the National Health Freedom Action groups.

National Health Freedom Action (NHFA) is a lobbying organization, working to change the laws, ie. to pass safe harbor exemption laws so that homeopaths and other practitioners can have exemptions from medical practice acts and not be arbitrarily charged with practicing medicine without a license.



Health Freedom Coalition (NHFC) is an educational organization (donations are tax deductible).  NHFC works on similar issues but primarily does the background educational work, not the lobbying.  NHFC helps to develop and train state health freedom groups to go forward in their state to make changes for health freedom.  NHFC also hosts the US Health Freedom Congress.